30 YEARS of Environmental & Industrial Health Services

Skalsky & Associates

Dr. Skalsky, a board certified Toxicologist, is experienced in the adverse effects of chemical and biological agents on people and the environment. Skalsky & Associates has provided expertise on site and in court...

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Litigation Support

Skalsky & Associaites specialize in expert testimonies for litigation involving environmental and industrial, and biological materials. As a Toxicologist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Skalsky has been retained...

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Expert Witness Services in Court and Consultation

Industrial / Environmental

Skalsky & Associates are leaders in evaluating exposures to workers and have extensive knowledge about mold, asbestos, allergens, ventilation, lead, cigarette smoke and more...

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Industrial setting

Environmental Consulting

Dr. Skalsky has comprehensive experience in the hazardous waste management industry. He has conducted remedial investigations, comleted site remediations, and directed facility audits.

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Skalsky & Associates:

Litigation Support - Expert Witness

"Over the past fifteen years, litigation support has been the primary focus of Skalsky & Associates. Our diverse background and experience allows us to provide toxicological expertise to southern California Law Firms whenever toxic or poisonous exposures are alleged. Dr. Harry Skalsky (and his team) have been retained by a large number of southern California Law Firms to prepare cases for trial and provide expert witness testimony. Skalsky & Associates has the demonstrated ability to make complex scientific topics understandable for presentation at trial and has presented testimony for both Plaintiffs and Defendants."

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