30 YEARS of Environmental & Industrial Health Services

Industrial Hygiene

and Environmental Health

Regulatory Compliance

Skalsky & Associates can assist you in regulatory compliance. We can help you identify sources of environmental pollutants and assess health impacts on workers and surrounding populations.

Skalsky & Associates can establish and manage medical surveillance programs, develop and conduct health and safety training programs, and evaluate emergency release/accidental spill scenarios. We can develop and implement mitigative measures for contaminated sites and facilities.

Proper planning of procedures and processes can yield substantial benefits in terms of controlling emissions, effluents, and preventing potentially hazardous worker or public exposures. Skalsky & Associates can assist you in developing a strategy to simplify compliance with environmental and occupational regulations.

Occupational Health

  • Identification of regulatory requirements and compliance strategies (audits)
  • Industrial hygiene and radiation protection surveys
  • Evaluation of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Development of the “Right-to-know,” Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, and other OSHA and Cal/OSHA compliance programs


Industrial Toxicology

  • Development of exposure guidelines for unregulated or proprietary chemicals
  • Impact assessment of projected emissions or releases on workers and surrounding populations
  • Product testing to comply with requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act


Risk Assessment

  • Development of conceptual models identifying chemical sources, release mechanisms, transport media, routes of chemical migration, exposure media and human or environmental receptors
  • Identification of data gaps and data quality objectives that facilitate risk based resolutions of contaminated problems
  • Exposure modeling to predict the transport and dispersion of materials in the air, water or soil
  • Toxicological assessment of the chemicals of concern and development of site-specific Reference Doses and/or Slope Factors
  • Characterization of human health and environmental risks and estimation of site-specific clean-up levels
  • Development of risk communication programs




Occupational Health

Industrial Hygiene example image from a warehouse

Warehouse Workplace Audits

Industrial Toxicology

Environmetal and Industrial Polutants

Projected Emissions

Risk Assesment

Testing on Site for Contamintaion

On Site Testing for Contaminates

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