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Dr. Skalsky has conducted remedial investigations, completed site remediations, and directed facility audits. Dr. Skalsky has completed risk assessments (Endangerment Assessments, Public Health Evaluation, Baseline Risk Assessment, etc.) for many types of contaminated sites and has participated in communicating that risk information in public forums and to regulatory officials.


CERCLA Risk Assessment - Performed and managed risk assessments to establish "no action alternatives" and/or clean-up levels for contaminants at sites regulated by the state of California including natural gas production facilities, manufacturing operations, rendering operations, disposal sites and "closed" Class I containments. The chemicals assessed at these locations include metals, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, petroleum solvents, petroleum wastes, PCBs, chlorinated dibenzofurans, dioxin, and plasticizers.


Risk Based Emergency Response Levels - Developed risk-based NOAELs, AELs, and LELs for industries required to submit Risk Management and Prevention Programs (RMPPs) under California AB-3777. Developed site specific, risk-based levels of concern for industries using carbon disulfide, ammonia, and chlorine.


Facility Audit and Ventilation Study - Conducted and managed a $400,000 facilities audit, industrial hygiene survey, and ventilation study of a major research laboratory in southern California. This project consisted of two concurrent tasks involving a laboratory-by-laboratory review. The first task was an audit of safety procedures, experimental laboratory processes, laboratory chemicals, worker training, and chemical handling and disposal practices. The second task involved a detailed evaluation of the ventilation system in both buildings including laboratory hoods and reaction chambers. Performed air and wipe sampling within laboratories, common areas, and inside of the ventilation ducts to investigate the potential presence of hazardous materials. Provided recommendations for corrective actions and performed verification sampling to evaluate clean-up actions.


Hazardous Waste Management - Planned and managed a multifaceted hazardous waste project associated with the construction of the Busway Bridge in Downtown Los Angeles, California. This project which began as a hazardous waste investigation, extended throughout 2 years of work at the site. Activities included training of over 60 construction workers, supply of all personnel protective equipment, daily worker exposure monitoring, management of hazardous waste, and obtaining regulatory approval of all waste management procedures.


Health and Safety Training, Western United States - Supervised the development and implementation of training programs for workers at the West Coast facilities of a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer. Project activities included plant audits to evaluate chemical storage and handling practices, and the design of worker training programs to allow the company to comply with hazardous materials management regulations.


Litigation Support - Prepared testimony on hazardous waste/contamination issues. These have included testimony on behalf of General Steel & Wire in the Penny Newman et al., vs. J.B. Stringfellow, Jr., et al., landfill litigation and testimony on behalf of the State of California in the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company vs. State of California Department of Transportation litigation. Dr. Skalsky served as an expert in acid wastes, metals (lead & aluminum), polychlorinated biphenyls, chlorinated solvents, benzene, asbestos, second hand smoke, and regulatory compliance. Recently, Dr. Skalsky testified concerning the environmental impact resulting from the accidental release of concrete slurry from a temporary holding pond.


Regulatory Review - Prepared regulatory comments for a number of trade organizations based in Washington, D.C. These comments have involved various aspects of exposure assessment, toxicological evaluations, and risk methodology. The chemicals evaluated ranged from metals and inorganic toxins to organic solvents and pesticides.

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