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Litigation Support with Toxicological Expertise


Over the past fifteen years, litigation support has been the primary focus of Skalsky & Associates.


Our diverse background and experience allows us to provide toxicological expertise to Southern California Law Firms whenever toxic or poisonous exposures are alleged.


Dr. Harry Skalsky (and his team) have been retained by a large number of Southern California Law Firms to prepare cases for trial and provide expert witness testimony.


Dr. Skalsky often provides consultation to lawyers, law firms, business, government entities prior to any court actions. The evidence is used to determine the possible viability and direction of a case prior to filing. More often than not, cases Dr Skalsky contributes to never go to trial but are settled our of court. The evidence Dr Skalsky can provide is often a part of this process.

Skalsky & Associates has the demonstrated ability to make complex scientific topics understandable for presentation at trial and has presented testimony for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.

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